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Case Studies

Are you looking for the steps to overcome sales objections, tools to close that sale or work through a business strategy? Read our case studies to get an idea of the management consulting and sales process training Lushin offers. We can help you build a successful sales team. Connect with one of our sales coaches today to learn more.


Predictable Growth – Perfecto Tool

Before hiring Lushin, Perfecto recognized an opportunity for their team of engineers to improve their soft skills and develop a system for reaching potential customers.

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House of Blues

Seasoned Sales Team – House of Blues

House of Blues’ Tilley Fine hired Lushin because her team needed tools, training, and confidence to handle difficult situations.

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Skender Contruction

High-Performance Culture – Skender Construction

Prior to Lushin training, Justin Brown and the Skender Construction team didn’t have a defined sales process or a company culture that supported high-performance practices.

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Pivot Marketing

Profitability and Personal Freedom – Pivot Marketing

Local branding agency Pivot Marketing needed Lushin’s help to shorten their sales cycle and improve profitability.

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Experience Travel

Prospecting Accountability – Experience Travel

Experience Travel’s owner faced a bloated pipeline and needed someone to keep him on task with prospecting behaviors that improved sales cycle efficiency.

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Experienced Managers – WXIA

When Tim McNamara joined WXIA, he discovered his sales team had no formal process for new business development—and the team leaders needed opportunities to gain management experience.

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