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The first challenge in any business is getting the sales engine revving. The second is getting that engine moving.

The formula for growth is simple: Find new customers and keep them (then rinse and repeat). But simple doesn’t always mean easy. Executive coaching helps you remove all of the friction that slows things down.

Often, people start their business with a reactive mindset—they find an area where the company can succeed and react to any challenges they face. Growth is about shifting from that reactive mindset to a proactive one.

Building a Vision From the Top Down

An executive coach’s role is not to teach. Executive coaching is about bringing out the best in a leader and helping them—and their business—grow to their full potential.

Business owners, presidents, or chief executives were often their company’s very first employee, and therefore, play the greatest role in company growth.

Growth is about shifting the leader’s role from working within the business to helping the business run without them. To do this, they must develop a personal vision for themselves that can then be transformed into the company vision. Executive coaching can help leaders develop this vision.

Leaders also have the important task of creating purpose within their organizations. It’s their job to align the entire team on one purpose or mission—one that aims to execute on and accomplish the company vision.

This mission and vision should align with the company’s culture and values. They should be so clearly defined that everyone in the organization understands what they are and how their role directly impacts them.

Goal Setting

It’s important for your company to set goals and build a solid plan that helps you reach those goals while allowing for tweaks as performance is reviewed. One of the most difficult things for many companies—and an important area in which to seek executive coaching help—is figuring out how to forecast growth.

Whether creating KPIs, working a cookbook, or building data forecasts, your company needs a way to gauge where the business stands and how to take action.

Executive coaching can help leaders grow by simplifying things, narrowing focus on what matters, and keeping their teams on track.

People & Processes

Executive coaching is about people.

  • How do we get the right people in the right seats doing the right things?
  • How do we hire for culture?
  • How do we minimize hiring mistakes?
  • How do we make sure everyone has role clarity?

Getting people up to speed requires a solid recruiting process, onboarding plans, and a management team that understands how to help their people grow.

Executive coaching is also about standardizing processes.

  • Are our structures and processes clear?
  • Are we providing our customers enough value that they keep coming back to us?
  • Are we staying ahead of our competitors?
  • Are we delivering on our clients’ expectations?

Customer retention is about setting the correct expectations that you can meet and exceed. It’s about dealing with issues in a way that enhances your relationship with customers. It’s about creating a sales culture that makes it easy for your customers to buy from you.

Executive Coaching FAQs

Why do I need executive coaching?

The best athletes all have a coach. Professional teams have a coach. Why wouldn’t business leaders have a coach? An executive coach is someone to support you and give you proven strategies and tactics to better lead and grow your business.

I don’t want to be told what to do. Will my executive coach be doing that?

Executive coaching is about helping you decide what you should do. You know your business, your people, and your culture better than a coach does. Maybe you know what you should be doing but can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen.

Business growth consultants can help you figure things out; they’re not there to be your boss.

It’s said that those who teach cannot do. Does this apply to executive coaching?

Lushin consultants are ourselves experienced business owners, salespeople, and managers—we’ve done the work and have the growth consulting expertise and training to help executives reach their personal and professional potential.

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