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Case Study—Creating Company Profitability & Personal Freedom

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The Problem

Local branding agency Pivot Marketing needed to shorten their sales cycle and improve profitability.

Pivot Marketing of Indianapolis president Jenn Schimmelpfennig used to spend her nights and weekends preparing proposals, often for prospects who never had any intention of doing business. It was exhausting and frustrating – and it hurt the bottom line.

As a small shop with a lean staff, Pivot alternated between periods of selling new business and servicing existing clients, which created cash flow challenges and often left Jenn and her team chasing every lead, including the unqualified ones.

Without a defined process, the Pivot team unwittingly often resorted to unpaid consulting, providing answers to prospects’ questions free of charge, and thereby minimizing their chances of securing business investments from potential customers.

“Before Lushin, I hadn't taken a vacation ... for three years.”

Jenn Hoffman | President, Pivot Marketing

How We Helped

We gave Jenn and her team selling techniques to turn natural people skills into reliable selling skills.

By creating and then fine-tuning Pivot’s process, Lushin helped improve the early stages of their prospecting, giving them business success tips based on the sales funnel. Jenn learned to focus on potential client fit, set expectations for prospects about appropriate marketing spend, and provide proposals only after securing preliminary commitments for work.

We trained Pivot to take advantage of the RFP process, to target top-level decision-makers, and to reliably retain clients.

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The Results

With Lushin’s help, Pivot can better forecast sales, qualify leads early in the process, and spend time on the prospects that are most likely to convert to clients. Between 2013 and 2015, the agency doubled its annual revenue.

Now, not only is Jenn building a strong sales team, she leads Pivot’s sales team with the tools to turn conversations into contracts. How’s that for a simple business success story?

Doubled Revenue

Pivot Marketing's annual revenue doubled from 2013 to 2015.

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