Dan Faber

“No matter what… be anchored in faith.”
Dan Faber

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Dan started showing entrepreneurial tendencies at the early age of twelve, when he started a lawn business and grew it to 21 lawns per week.

After graduating from college, a mentor urged Dan to consider a career in sales.  At first, he found this to be off-putting, assuming that career salespeople all matched the stereotype but he learned this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Dan has sold in a variety of environments, ranging from door-to-door overseas, to enterprise custom software, to marketing services or software sales.

No matter the selling environment, Dan’s strengths in sales have proven to be a relentless dedication to process and a genuine curiosity in others that allows him to ask questions and really listen for what matters.

Dan is an encourager at heart.  He sees the best in people and never passes up an opportunity to point out a strength he notices in their character.

Before joining the team as a sales management consultant, Dan was a Lushin client remotely for 7 years.  He achieved such a level of success by applying the Lushin methodology that when the opportunity arose to join the team, Dan and his wife Kailey decided to move their family of 5 to Indianapolis so Dan could pursue a career helping others along a path that has helped him so much.

Outside of work, when he isn’t spending time with his wife (Kailey) and kids (James, Ellis, and June), Dan is likely to be found at the gym, on the elliptical machine, or trying out a new recipe he found on YouTube.


Tyler Kastleberg
Dan helps us with every aspect of our sales operation… from hiring the right people to coaching our team, and everything in between. 
Dan Faber

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