Cody McWhorter

“Bravery is the capacity to perform properly, even when scared half to death”
Cody McWhorter

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After choosing Professional Selling as a field of study in college and then pursuing a career in sales, sales management, and eventually sales training, Cody has dedicated his career to developing salespeople.

 Cody's goal is to simplify the often-misunderstood world of selling and help clients see that it's just another conversation while also challenging them to be the unique individuals they are, and not just another boring robot. He seeks to teach you something new about yourself and your business, all while making you laugh and think at the same time.  Its ok to not be perfect, its ok to be scared, but it’s not ok to give up on yourself.

 Outside of the office, if Cody is not spending time with his wife and their two dogs, you can find him at the lake fishing, attending college football games, or traveling some back country road on one of his motorcycles.

Cody McWhorter

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