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Speaking Engagements With Lushin Consultants

When choosing professional development instruction for your organization, you need an expert who cares about your success.

Lushin’s sales keynote speakers are prepared to speak to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, trade organizations, community groups, and nonprofits.

Our Most Popular Speaking Topics

With content customized to your group’s needs, our consultants offer talks on topics ranging from building and developing talent to prospecting and pipeline management to closing deals.

Here are a few of the most popular topics our sales keynote speakers cover:

Developing a high-caliber sales team

Sales growth starts at the top with leadership and a sales-oriented culture. In this sales keynote, we will review the infrastructure necessary to support a high-performing sales team, and delve into the keys to hiring and maintaining a results-driven sales force.

Moving prospects through the sales pipeline

Your sales pipeline should be healthy with short sales cycles. In this talk, our sales keynote speakers will dissect each stage of the pipeline, from growing and qualifying leads to closing deals— and give you the framework for a robust sales pipeline.

Connecting with strong prospects

Prospecting should be targeted—from the type of prospects you choose to the specific ways your team communicates with them. In this presentation, Lushin sales keynote speakers provide you with the tools necessary to ramp up your top-of-the-funnel efforts.

Our insights will allow your team to prospect smarter.

The science behind closing deals

Does every deal sound like the next best opportunity? Do you wonder why you’re losing deals to your competitors? Our sales keynote speakers will uncover the art of preparing a deal to close from the first conversation. This will give your team the keys to getting your prospect to want to say yes, without cutting your price tag.

Keynote Speaking FAQs

There are 3 common questions asked when someone is considering Lushin for a keynote:

  1. How much does it cost?

  2. When are you available?

  3. What topics are offered?

However, we like to ask 4 important questions of our own in order to really dissect the conversation:

  1. Tell me more about the associate/organization that you would like me to keynote
    We want to know more about the association, company or organization to understand their: What they do? How do they do it? Why they do it? We want to know more in order to assess on whether we can contribute to their meeting.
  2. Where? (in other words, is travel required?)
    If travel is required then that will be factored into what we may charge.
  3. Do you have a budget?
    Sometimes, but not always, the potential client will have a budget. Budgets vary vastly depending upon the nature of the event such as: If attendees are paying to attend; if a non-profit compared to a for-profit; if the keynote is the “headliner” of a large event or a simple luncheon.
  4. When the keynote has concluded, what do we want the takeaway to be?
    Picture your attendees leaving and walking to their cars, what do you want them to be saying to themselves:
    • Wow, that was very inspiring? (moving people to action)
    • I have a lot of work to do? (discover that they are capable of more)
    • I love this organization/association/company because they bring in people who care and that you can learn from? (the value-added experience)
    • Or, woah... I learned a lot from that speaker?  (build upon their competencies)

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