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Case Study—Creating Predictable Sales Growth

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The Problem: No Sales Process To Reach Potential Customers

Local machine shop Perfecto Tool lacked the sales process, structure, and best practices to grow more, at a consistent pace.

Before hiring Lushin, Chris Sharp, Vice President of Engineering and Sales, recognized an opportunity for his team of engineers to develop a sales process and system for reaching potential customers. Everyone in his group approached selling differently – there was little alignment or continuity across the organization. They were experiencing inconsistent growth, long sales cycles, and they were not able to predict their sales revenue. Chris needed a way to track sales targets and hold his team accountable to their goals.

“We didn't have an active prospecting process.”

Chris Sharp | Vice President of Engineering and Sales, Perfecto Tool
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How We Helped

Lushin focused Perfecto’s sales training on creating an effective sales process and a plan to get them in front of more prospects.

Once the plan was created, we worked on execution: how to get in front of prospects, how to get more meetings with prospects, and how to ask more (and better) questions. This included an emphasis on talking to the right decision makers, getting referrals, addressing timeline issues upfront, and setting expectations. Team members were also coached on how to steer the conversation away from price and technical issues and toward value and compelling reasons for prospects to work with them. Finally, we worked with the team to decipher the prospects’ buying processes and how to align interactions to that.

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The Results

After implementing Lushin’s sales coaching recommendations, Chris and Perfecto Tool are able to have more productive meetings with prospects and close more deals. They are growing consistently with a shorter sales cycle and an increased win rate for new business. Business success stories start with Lushin.

Year Over Year Growth

Perfecto saw 10 percent YOY growth from 2014 to 2015 and 11 percent from 2015 to 2016.

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