Lushin Sales Training is the way to accelerated, predictable growth and personal freedom.

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How Lushin Sales Training Can Help Your Business

Our experienced sales and management consultants provide expert advice on strategy, staffing, structure, and organizational skills training that business leaders need to achieve their goals. We offer sales training in Indiana, nationwide & internationally.

Our management consulting team will help you determine opportunities for improvement—and we’ll give you the tools and confidence to make the most of them. Tailored to address your company’s challenges and specific needs, Lushin training uses Sandler teaching materials and methodology as a framework, as well as real-world experiences, to enable you and your team to implement reliable sales processes, develop leadership and management talent, and convert prospects into customers.

We offer personalized sales and management consulting to Indiana businesses that draws on the unique and diverse assets of each consultant. We will challenge your processes. We’ll advocate for your success. We’ll hold you accountable. And when you work with Lushin, you’ll get results.

Check out some of our popular Lushin Indiana sales training videos below for a taste of what we offer!

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Clients We Serve

Lushin Sales Training is for those who never settle.

We work with natural leaders who need some polish, risk takers who want predictable outcomes, effective managers who are still honing their skills. Real people with real potential, but also real challenges. Lushin sales training requires effort. And dedication. And trust. But for those who are ready to be great, it produces lasting change and leads to reliable growth.

We provide sales training in Indiana and beyond, helping clients locally, nationally and internationally to develop and refine their sales and management skills.

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Our Approach


Gather Intelligence

Gather Intelligence

This is the part where you tell us about you and your business – the more info, the better. What are your growth expectations and needs? Do you have the people and processes to support high-performance sales? How does sales leadership impact your sales force? We’ll define your priorities and challenges. We’ll uncover what’s really happening, what’s not happening that should be and why. Which leads us to the next step…

Create a Plan

Create a Plan

We’ll create a plan tailored to you, your people, and your business. This is a collaboration, a roadmap based on your priorities, needs, and comfort level. We will define objectives and how fast you want to get there. We’ll delve into logistics and timetables, and we’ll focus on what will have the greatest impact. We will define KPIs and what we are going to track – along with accountability. Which leads us to…



Your plan will detail what you need to do to reach your potential. All that’s left then is to go do it. When your team implements the plan, you’ll start to see improvement. Better sales processes. Better results. And measurable progress, tracked according to your goals. And we’ll be there with you along the way – to help you through the unexpected and to help manage accelerated growth.

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Who We Are

Our mission is to provide world class sales & management consulting, coaching, and training to organizations and individuals in Indiana and beyond so they may achieve their fullest potential and become the best version of themselves.

Our vision is to be a nationally recognized source for unlocking the potential for growth and excellence in organizations individuals.

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