Sales Coaching

Honing Skills, Addressing Weaknesses, and Unlocking Potential

Sales coaching helps salespeople fix specific weaknesses and focus on their personal improvement on an individual level. Compared to sales training, which is teaching a skill, sales mentoring is teaching finesse.

How Lushin Approaches Sales Mentoring

Our coaches focus specifically on sales mentoring for individual reps and help them apply the content they’re learning in the classroom to their real experiences on a daily basis.

Lushin coaches are focused on helping clients self-discover their specific challenges, to enable them to take ownership of their development and improve their performance.

Sales coaching with our team supports your salespeople to grow their skills in an intentional and focused way that training, on its own, cannot achieve.

Sales mentoring also provides a salesperson a safe environment to be vulnerable. It can be a challenge to share our personal fears and perceived deficits in front of groups.

Sales cultures are built around winning. Yet, without individual coaching, salespeople are expected to share their failures in a training environment in front of their peers, who are potentially out-performing them.

Additionally, the salesperson may not be aware of what they’re truly capable of without continuous self-discovery.

Putting Lessons Learned Into Action

Lushin coaches are charged with the mission to help individuals unlock their hidden potential, in a space that is both potent and protected.

Training without coaching is like making a gourmet meal for your sales team, but then tying their hands behind their back and asking them to stand on one foot while they eat it. They’ll ingest some of the meal, but it will be messy and most of it will end up on the floor.

Lushin sales coaching takes the “lessons learned” from a classroom and helps individuals understand exactly how to apply them in real-life sales situations.

Our coaches work with driven and committed salespeople, who desire real change and are willing to do what it takes to achieve that success.

Sales Coaching FAQs

What is sales coaching?

Sales coaching is a one-on-one session between a salesperson and their coach or sales mentor, used to bring clarity to how the salesperson can apply their training to their real-world experience.

How often does mentoring occur?

With Lushin, coaching sessions occur twice per month for the first three months.

We evaluate in month four as to whether or not the cadence needs to increase or decrease, based upon results.

What do you talk about in a coaching session?

A coaching conversation is a place for a salesperson to freely express the hurdles they are facing when it comes to professional development. The session and its topics are guided by the salesperson, accordingly.

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