Emily Shaw

"Get out of your own head. Focus on what’s real and what you can change right now."
Emily Shaw

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Emily Shaw knows Lushin inside and out. Before joining the team as a sales management consultant, Emily was a client with a strong determination to learn more about sales than her traditional training environment allowed. With a voracious appetite for research and learning she set out to master the business, leading her down the path to sales training and consulting.

Using the same “tough love” skills she has honed as a single mother, Emily doesn’t shy away from personal conversations with her sales management consulting clients but rather allows them to even out the playing field where vulnerabilities are used to build a level of trust that strengthens the relationship—and therefore results—on a fundamental level.

When she isn’t playing with her daughter, she’s watching the latest episode of ‘Forensic Files’ because she loves getting to the bottom of a mystery. She also enjoys assembling or painting her latest home décor piece/art project with her favorite flavor of the week podcast on in the background – this week’s is No Ego by Cy Wakeman.

Emily Shaw

Connect with Emily Shaw

For 25 years, Lushin has guided business leaders toward intentional, predictable growth.