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Emily Shaw | Wed, Jan 17, 2018

Achieve Your Goals by Shifting Your Beliefs

In case you missed it, another year is in the books and 2018 has arrived! Did you commit to a resolution? Perhaps you vowed to learn a new skill or hobby. Maybe you’ve decided this is the year you’re finally going to get in shape. Spend more time with your family? Dedicate more time toward yourself and your well-being? Whatever the case, science says you’re 92% likely to fail. Bring out the confetti and kazoos. We’ve all set goals at some point and missed them. Failing to meet goals is not only frustrating but discouraging. It’s so discouraging that some people avoid setting goals altogether just to avoid the disappointment they may feel if they don’t reach them. Conversely, some people may avoid setting goals because they’re afraid of success. It sounds counterintuitive, but humans are creatures of habit and we tend to remain in the comfortable bubbles we have created. To some, setting a goal that will force that bubble to pop can be terrifying. Regardless of where you fall – failing to meet goals set in place, avoiding failure by not setting them, or fearing the outcome if you do reach your goals, it’s all in your head.

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