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Paul Lushin | Fri, Aug 17, 2018

Best Piece of Advice - "Guilt is when you make a mistake and shame is when you are a mistake."

I love it when someone seeks my advice—I feel smart, accomplished, important, and relevant. But as I lavish in my own praise that someone sought my advice, I can’t help but think about those who shared their wisdom when I most needed it. In my life, I have had numerous people who have filled me with advice - from love, marriage, and mortgages to taxes, debt, and spreadsheets. Today, as I reflect back, I cannot say that one person over another is my “advice” stand-out, nor can I unequivocally say that I have a favorite piece of advice. I can, however, give you what first comes to mind as I write this:

Guilt is when you make a mistake and shame is when you are a mistake.”  

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