J.B. Andrews

“Change is uncomfortable….. growth means we much change how we do things, means we much get comfortable being uncomfortable!”
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J.B. brings both youthful energy and experience to the table. He has a unique ability to understand the communication gaps that often exist between generations within the workforce that hinder business results. 
He works with his clients to overcome a lot of fear and doubt when it comes to selling or managing salespeople. Let's be honest, sales are hard! 
What this encompasses is typically a major change in what and how clients do things. He works with his clients to ensure that they have a clear strategy for growth, and structure on how to manage tois growth, and helping the team ensure that they have the right skills to execute!
Outside of work, he is a huge fan of the outdoors. Specifically loves spending time out at the farm, hunting, or playing golf as much as he can!

Connect with J.B. Andrews

For 25 years, Lushin has guided business leaders toward intentional, predictable growth.