Paul Lushin

“I like being the king-maker, not the king—and I’ve gotten good at making kings.”
Paul Lushin

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Having realized he was a corporate misfit who needed the freedom to do things his way, Paul resurrected his entrepreneurial spirit and founded Lushin and Associates, Inc., with Sarah, his wife and partner, in 1997. As a business development coach and consultant based in Indianapolis, Lushin has grown into a national company with 19 employee owners, a second location in St. Louis, and a host of clients that range from small family-owned businesses to well-known corporate giants. More significantly, and a true testament to his business success, Lushin’s transition to ESOP ownership of the company was completed in May of 2023.

Paul’s personal passion is helping companies owned by entrepreneurial individuals like himself who can identify with being “corporate misfits” or “rugged individualists.” Meeting him is an experience that is often not forgotten as he can leave a lasting impression. His direct provocative and evocative nature makes clients and audiences think. Knowing that entrepreneurs are typically the default “Chief Cashflow Officer,” Paul helps them re-tool their sales and sales management processes so that as business owners, they’re able to focus on the higher-level strategic thinking that ultimately leads them to wealth creation without the worries of the rollercoaster cashflow ride.   

A business owner since he was 17, Paul brings 46 years of business skills and insight that allow him to capitalize on diving deep to get to the crux of his clients’ most significant growth challenges. This approach affords maximum benefit to individuals and companies rather than losing valuable time focusing on the more common surface issues. Paul does not deliver “out of the box” solutions, but rather imparts custom solutions rooted in his business wisdom. 

In addition to Lushin and Associates, Paul and Sarah have successfully built Lushin Investments, Inc. This was something that they “accidentally fell into” in 2000. Having honed their newly found interest and skills in residential real estate at the time, Lushin has catapulted his second family-owned company into a bona fide commercial investment, development, and property management business. Included in the investment and property portfolio since its inception has been corporate re-location housing in the Carmel and Fishers area, multiple Village Pantries, strip malls throughout Central Indiana, several acres of soon to be developed land, and the primary base of operations they built in 2007 where everything happens, the Lushin office building itself.  

Paul takes pride in being a father and “Pop Pop” to (5) five boys and (4) four grandchildren. Outside of the office Paul loves working in his yard, spending time with his wife at their second home in Florida, and feeds his adrenaline fix by patrolling the streets as a reserve police sergeant. 

Paul Lushin

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For 25 years, Lushin has guided business leaders toward intentional, predictable growth.