We had to take proactive roles to grow how we wanted to.

Metrics and Accountability

See some of our partnerships with clients from different industries and backgrounds, and hear them tell their business success stories of working with Lushin. We’ve helped our clients overcome just about every single obstacle in the way of success – trust us when we say we’ve heard it all. We even address it in the resource 50 Myths About Lushin. We’re unique in that we’re different, and most of the misconception about Lushin is that we’re like every other sales consulting service out there.

No, we’re not. But don’t take our word for it – dig into some of our client partners’ case studies, business success stories, and testimonials for a real-time view of what we focus on, and why we’re different.

Case Studies

Hear how management consulting and sales coaching change profitability, revenue, and pipeline.

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Hear from past clients what the experience with Lushin was like and the success that they saw.

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How Not To Be A Salesperson [Video] | Sales Coaching From Lushin, Inc.

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How Identity and Role Impact the Sales Process

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The Goal is a Decision - Not a Yes

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Using Pain and Emotion to Positively Affect Sales Outcomes

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Clients We Serve

Lushin clients are simply organizations with a product or service to sell. Our sales consultants focus on how clients sell, not what they sell, and focus management training services on that process . We value partnering with people who aren’t afraid of putting a little sweat equity into working hard to solve problems – and know it might take a some time to get there.

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