Rob Lime

“You can learn something from anyone.”
Rob Lime

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Rob Lime is the artsy guy at Lushin. He’s into woodworking. Film. Music. Museums. He’s our resident renaissance man. Though, Paul may fight him for that title.

Rob is your quintessential corporate misfit. He doesn’t ascribe to the notion that working more is more worthwhile. On the contrary, he seeks the nobility of balance. In your first business consulting meeting, he’s as likely to recommend the Tao of Chip Kelly as he is The Millionaire Next Door. Western and Eastern philosophers populate his bookshelf.

A trained music teacher, Rob is a patient pusher. He believes, “you can work less, make more, and have fun while you’re doing it.” A self-described old-ish millennial, he is a natural fit with his tech entrepreneur clients. His best piece of advice in sales training... or in life: Don't Quit.

Whether he’s mining his DISC results to better understand his mom, or he’s witnessing something profound with his  daughter Sophia, Rob is a family man who enriches his relationships one interaction at a time.

Rob Lime

Connect with Rob Lime

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