Rob Lime

“You can learn something from anyone.”
Rob Lime

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Rob Lime is a Partner, Consultant, and Coach at Lushin. Rob works with business leaders and sales teams across multiple industries to install and perfect the sales methodologies, processes, and tactics that result in scalable and predictable growth. 

Rob is your quintessential corporate misfit, which force-multiplies his effectiveness with his entrepreneurial clients. LIke nearly every salesperson he coaches and trains, he found himself in sales by accident. The decision to be a career sales professional came only after putting into practice the tools provided by Sandler and Lushin, which doubled his results and halved his sales anxiety. 

Rob’s approach is different from most sales thought-leaders. He despises traditional selling tactics that rely on pressure and manipulation. Instead, he ascribes to the ethical consultative sales methodology predicated around helping your prospects make the decision that is in their best interests - even if that decision doesn’t land result in a new client for the sales person.

Rob Lime

Connect with Rob Lime

For 25 years, Lushin has guided business leaders toward intentional, predictable growth.