Skender Construction

Case Study—Creating a High Performing Culture

The Problem

Chicago-based Skender Construction relied on relationships—not process—to close deals.

Before adding Lushin training to their professional development, Justin Brown and the Skender Construction team didn’t have a defined sales process or a company culture that supported high-performance practices. In a heavily commoditized industry with educated buyers and a restrictive purchasing process, the team needed some business success tips to learn the basics of selling techniques, how to turn their strong relationship-building skills into new business, and effective sales prospecting.

In addition to sales fundamentals, Skender’s executive team lacked a consistent system for implementing corporate strategies capable of reaching—and exceeding—revenue goals. They wanted to strengthen their CRM competencies and build a proper sales infrastructure within the organization.

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“We didn't have a sales culture.”

Justin Brown | President, Skender Construction
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How We Helped

Lushin went back to basics and taught the Skender team what a successful, repeatable strategic sales process looks like.

By focusing on sales techniques that were natural to how Skender conducts business, we guided Justin and his team toward a consistent – and effective – process for identifying qualified leads and winning business faster.

The key was empowering the team to initiate real, direct conversations with prospects in order to determine their needs and spend time on those most likely to convert to customers.


The Results

After implementing the Lushin program, Skender’s business success story included stopping wasting time on potential customers who weren’t a good match, learning how to be better negotiators, and reducing the time it took to close deals. They have hit their revenue goals every quarter since beginning their work with Lushin.

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