Lushin Foundation

Established in 2017 to Bring a More Strategic Approach to Our Charitable Giving

The Lushin Foundation has partnered with the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) to establish and implement its mission.

Our goal is to help in the areas of law enforcement and the elderly through grants. Smaller grants are available to those who apply.

supporting elderly populations and law enforcement

Vision Statement
Lushin strives to be an example of a small business making a notable impact in the community through charitable giving.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Lushin Foundation is to award financial assistance in support of public safety agencies and organizations that assist the elderly.


Lushin Foundation was the proud sole sponsor of Morning Light’s inaugural Night Light Event on April 14.  The event was a candle lit dessert auction in honor of those that Morning Light has served and to raise funds to support their mission.  Because of the Lushin Foundation’s sponsorship, all money raised will go directly towards the Abbie Bryce Hunt home and care for the terminally-ill.  Their goal was $20,000 and they smashed it with $21,255 raised.  Several Lushin attendees even managed to win some delicious desserts.  It was a great way to support a great mission.

Major Grant Recipients

Additional Grant Recipients

Meet the Lushin Foundation Board

Sarah Lushin
Amy Kavicky

You can donate to the Lushin Foundation Through Central Indiana Community Foundation. Our fund number is 3971.