Case Study—Creating Experienced Managers

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The Problem: The Director of Sales at Atlanta-Area Television Station WXIA-TV Inherited a Team Without a Solid Sales Foundation.

When Tim McNamara joined WXIA, he discovered the sales team didn’t have reliable techniques for cold-calling or presenting pitches. They were used to taking orders, but had no formal sales process for new business development or growing current client relationships. WXIA needed some business success tips specific to their niche market of media sales.

In addition, the sales management team leaders needed advice and practice on effectively managing pipelines, holding team members accountable, and implementing prospecting and behavior plans.

“We didn't know how to prospect or cold-call.”

Tim McNamara | Director of Sales, WXIA
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How We Helped

Our consultants taught Tim’s team the fundamentals of prospecting and managing the sales cycle.

Once the WXIA team members mastered the concepts, Lushin facilitated workshops to explore and address specific sales performance challenges the team faced. With our sales mentoring, we were able to help them gain the tools and strategies they needed to run effective meetings, communicate with each other, track pipeline progress, and implement a consistent sales process to further its business success story.

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The Results

Since hiring Lushin, Tim has seen his WXIA team exceed their previous-year sales goal by 35 percent. His people are comfortable setting upfront prospecting expectations and can work productively among diverse personalities and leadership styles.

In addition, the management team now understands sales processes and is able to accurately forecast business, understand which customers and team members need help (and how to provide it), and maintain an efficient sales organization.

WXIA is on track for another year of record business development.

35 percent above goal

Since hiring Lushin, Tim has seen his WXIA team exceed their previous-year sales goal by 35 percent.

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