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Case Study—Creating a Seasoned Sales Team

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The Problem

The VIP sales team for national company House of Blues didn’t have any formal training.

Tilley Fine hired Lushin because her team needed tools, instruction, and confidence to handle difficult situations. The team consisted of a wide variety of age groups and experience levels, and they needed to work together to qualify inbound leads quickly, effectively work referrals, and retain clients through yearly membership renewals. House of Blues needed some solid business success tips.

Even with a well-known brand, the team’s communication style and expectation-setting practices were making the sales process difficult and time-consuming. The sales and client retention teams needed help aligning internal and external messaging, as well as help strengthening the sales process to ensure client retention would increase (and with less effort).

“We had never done any training.”

Tilley Fine | Vice President VIP Sales, House of Blues

How We Helped

We shaped a sales team of product evangelists (who relied on the product/experience to sell the memberships) into a seasoned, successful sales force.

Lushin connected with individual members of Tilley’s team, providing advice for addressing awkward conversations as well as wisdom to understand what to say, what not to say, and when. Business success takes a combination of right people, and right timing. Our sales consultants taught House of Blues team members how to be proactive in conversations, minimize customer frustrations, and follow a templated process from lead generation through renewal.

We also worked directly with Tilley to assist in developing a sales training program to streamline communications practices to use with her team, reducing both time and resource waste.


The Results

Armed with useful techniques for sales and empowered to execute, the House of Blues VIP sales team can now effectively respond to inbound leads, efficiently resolve customer complaints, quickly build value while eliminating tire kickers, and keep potential customers engaged throughout the sales process. Due to increased sales effectiveness, the client retention team is now able to focus on growing memberships and securing long-term clients instead of reselling value to new prospects, over and over.

They have been able to increase their full-season box sales from 50 percent to 72 percent at their Dallas location, showing how the successful implementation of a high-performance process can lead to financial improvement, giving the brand another great business success story.

Box Sales Up

Southwest Region increased their full-season box sales from 50 percent to 72 percent.

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