How Top Performing Account Executives Are Missing Out

I was recently blessed to help a client where tenure of the account executives ranged from 15-31 years (a common myth is “sales training” is only for people who are underperforming or new to sales). When I first met the president, he was very clear this group did well, they all earned good money and could talk the talk when it came to industry knowledge.

So, why was he talking to me?

He wondered if there was more the group could achieve.

Guess what? He was right. This was backed by data and science after our initial meeting, before I even met the rest of the group. And it’s been proven by the results thus far.

Look at the top performers in your organization. Are they putting in more time than everyone else? Do they appear to be more organized, have stronger networks and a higher level of commitment to selling success? A majority of the time, the answer is yes. BUT, with top performers there is one weakness to watch for:

Are they missing key sales techniques and processes, and overcompensating by using more effort and energy?

I’m blown away when I hear someone say, “I have been selling for 18 years, how are you going to help me, Aaron?” We need to remember, there is a HUGE difference between 18 years of true experience, versus one year of experience repeated 18 years in a row.

With top performers, it isn’t about how to close business. It’s about how to close it FASTER. Once the top performer can close faster, he or she now has the choice to find more business, or now has the time to enjoy a personal life (instead of living behind a laptop). After all, happy people do produce more.

Top producers shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to sales training; They already have the DNA to succeed. Now it is a matter of the small tweaks that have a huge impact on revenue.

How could small tweaks help your top performers close business faster with less effort?

Aaron Prickel

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