Are You Setting the Best Example for Your People?

As the leader of your organization, you are always in the spotlight and being watched by your people.


At all times.

In all ways.

With every action you take and word you say.

Every time.

Are your actions always aligned with your words and reflecting the actions and behaviors you want to see from your people?

Or are your actions and words contradicting each other?

Your people are going to follow your actions and behaviors more than your words. If there are contradictions between your actions and words, your people will tend to default to follow your actions and make up their own stories as why your actions and words don’t match.

If you have kids, you see this all the time. As soon as your kids see you do something, they try to mimic it. Even if you tell your kids, “Do as I say, not as I do!” (I hear too many parents say this to their kids.), your kids will default to doing what they see you do.

Your people in your organization do the same.

These show up in some of the following ways with your people:

  • People in your organization being in conflict with one another and not talking directly with the other person to resolve it, but instead complaining to other people about the situation or coming to you or others to have them resolve the conflict for them.
  • Your people not taking responsibility for their mistakes and resolving them quickly.
  • Your people not being open to new ideas and changes for improvements.
  • Your people not truly actively listening to others.
  • Your people not helping others to figure out and resolve their own problems and instead jumping in and taking over for them.
  • And many other examples we can give here.

If your people and your business are not performing in the way you want them to and producing the results you want, it’s on you.

It’s up to you to figure out what you want to see be different and set the vision and example for the changes you want to see. It’s up to you to set the example at all times for your people and all those around you.

As Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you want to see in the world!”

It starts with you. You must set the example first and every time.

What are you going to change to set the example going forward?


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