Want To Grow? Then Delegate.

Strategizing for the future, helping ensure company culture stays on track, advisory meetings, production meetings, marketing meetings, financial modeling, leading other leaders, meetings about meetings, etc, etc, etc…..

Who does this describe?

It describes the average crazy-busy President/Owner of a company (or any leader if you think about it). Picture Mrs./Mr. President who is stuck. They’ve hit a ceiling of complexity and can’t figure out how to scale the business. They’re running low on time, working very hard to take the company to the next level and their competitive spirit drives them to want more and more.

Here’s the problem: they have a “no one can do it as good as me” mindset or they’ve done [insert task/project here] for so long it’s hard for them to let go. Maybe there is a bit of first-born control-freak tendency. Whatever it is, they struggle at delegating.

If you’re reading this blog right now, do you know your true hourly rate? If so, what projects/tasks are you involved in that aren’t the best use of your time and someone else could complete? Why are $100-200/hr people getting trapped in $15-25/hour tasks?? It goes back to needing to feel in control, thinking no one can do it as good as you, not realizing how much your time is worth, and falling into old habits.

Remember the key rule: Delegate to grow.

Delegation does not only mean tasks. Delegating authority is powerful. I once heard a great quote: “if you delegate tasks you create followers, if you delegate authority you create leaders.”

I’m not asking you to completely let go of the reins. I’m asking you to interrogate your own reality and look for the handoffs. It may not be pretty at first, but, over the long run, it will provide a powerful return.

Aaron Prickel

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