Selling is about increasing belief versus knowing everything. Lushin focuses on a few different skillsets that apply to the sales process in its entirety – namely, how to identify customer’s pain and how to fix it by offering a solution with your product or service.

Our experienced sales trainers cover a myriad of sales strategies, acting as sales mentors for your team. From explaining how to use the Sandler pain funnel to uncover a prospect's pain to revealing sales prospecting techniques proven to increase sales, we can guide your team towards skills and strategies that will increase your sales success.

Ready to get started?Contact us today to find out how Lushin's sales process training can help your sales team develop the skills necessary to take your business to the next level. Looking for sales training insight you can implement today? Download our tips for using cold calls to increase sales below, or scroll down to learn about other skillsets your sales team should further develop in order to improve the effectiveness of your sales process.

10 Tips for Using Cold Calls to Increase Sales


What are you saying? Applying value messaging in different client scenarios with consistency.

Consultative Selling

Defining the solution-based dialogue between sales teams and clients.


Approaching new relationships based on the right principles.


Earning the right to earn new business.


Methods to decipher the right leads to follow, and how to make it infallible.

Account Retention

Placing value on an entirely different process post-sale.

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