Sales Process Training to Help Your Business Thrive

Uncovering the problems that can be solved with Lushin’s assistance is a necessary reality for anyone in sales. If you're looking for ways to help your salespeople meet their sales goals and innovative strategies to guide your business towards increased profitability, Lushin sales process training can help.

Our sales process training covers a variety of topics, and specific challenges from a variety of focus areas will be addressed. Our experienced sales trainers will customize the sales process training to cater to the needs of your specific organization, so you'll leave with actionable strategies you can implement right away.

These are areas where your business might have room for improvement:

  • Sales Process - It has to work, be repeatable, and be structured uniformly enough to troubleshoot from time and time again.
  • CRM - Developing a better, more dynamic system to manage all sales data and relevant customer information.
  • Metrics - Effective for driving improvement and sharpening focus.
  • Sales Pipeline - Representation of your sales process and the steps you need to take in order to sell. As a necessary part of the sales process, it should be designed as future-proof.
  • KPI's - Further data to add accountability and structure to sales performance.
  • Ideal Clients - Establishing data and criteria to develop a template for who sales teams target, solve for and place the most value on.
  • Company Goals - Defining a roadmap for success and fortifying the sales team’s position from within.
  • New Business - Identifying new business opportunities following the process for lead qualification is crucial to business strategy.
  • Market Share - Turning frustration at being number two into a workable solution to stop focusing on competition.
  • Account Management - Regarding existing accounts as a further opportunity for growth instead of a static, non-value-adding element will assist in improving company processes.
  • Alignment - How to enhance business strategy, communication, and execution across all lines of business.

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