You Can't Use A Magic 8 Ball To Hire Top Talent

Well, are you? Most organizations don’t, and that is the issue. Instead they sift through resumes, rely on their current team to refer their friends (Hey….why not get a $500 bonus and help a friend get a job!), hire those who “interview” well or poach a top producer from a competitor. Too often, success doesn’t transfer, or people look like rock stars on paper yet fail within three to six months.

Hiring can be predictable. Organizations can reduce wasted time, effort and money spent on sales ghosts. It doesn’t have to be difficult — simply use a Magic 8 ball.

Let’s look at the five common Magic 8 ball answers below. When it comes to hiring, do you have an objective way to gain this 8 ball insight before you even spend time interviewing a candidate?

Very doubtful- This is someone with low desire and low commitment; This candidate is not coachable and trainable, and their sales DNA is very low. It doesn’t matter what their resume says or past history, the 8 ball is correct.

Outlook not so good- This candidate has high desire, low commitment. They may be coachable but not trainable, and their sales DNA and skillsets are low.

Reply hazy try again- Getting closer! This candidate has high desire and high commitment. Good news is they are coachable and trainable, but their sales DNA is weak and current skillsets are average at best.

Signs point to yes- Finally! This future hire has strong desire, strong commitment, and they are coachable and trainable with a strong sales DNA and skillset level. This person has passed the culture test, they have the aptitude to grasp your organization and how you help clients.

It is certain- This is the unicorn stage of hiring. Unicorns don’t exist; neither do hires where someone can be 100% certain.

Hiring Top Talent

Next time you are preparing to hire sales talent, avoid falling into the trap of getting your answer six, nine or twelve months down the road. Are you ready to get these answers before hiring next time?

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