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"Once we started working with Lushin, we took a deep dive on goals - both personal and professional and why those were important to us and how we could get there."


Creighton Shook,  Broker, Shook Realty Group

I came into this with the belief that I had a sales process, and it was the very tail end of that process that needed help, when really the entire thing needed to be built from the ground up. So, you don't know what you don't know.

Todd Duff, Owner, Innovations Branding House

If we didn't have a solid sales process in place, if I didn't have a coach that I can just reach out to, I really don't believe that we would have maintained sales as well as we have.

Tiffany Thompson, President, DaMar Staffing Solutions

The #1 advice that I give people who are thinking about hiring Lushin, if you’re ready to be done, thinking you know better, then do it, it will work. If you think you still know then wait a little longer and let the pain get worse.

Tiffany Sauder, Chief Executive Officer, Element 3

We measure that success by looking at the market rate growth and if we don’t outgrow the market by two to three percent, we figure we’re not stealing shares so we’re not getting the most out of our training. Bottom line is, it pays an incredibly positive return on the investment.

Rick Gill, Executive Vice President, Lester Sales Company

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  • We had to take proactive roles to grow how we wanted to.

    Chris Sharp, VP of Engineering and Sales, Perfecto Tool
  • We had never done any training.

    Tilley Find, Vice President VIP Sales, House of Blues
  • We didn't have a sales culture.

    Justin Brown, President, Skender Construction
  • Before Lushin, I hadn't taken a vacation ... for three years.

    Jen Hoffman, President, Pivot Marketing
  • I was at an impasse and had to try something.

    Dave Bunn, Owner, Experience Travel
  • We didn’t know how to prospect or cold-call.

    Tim McNamara, Director of Sales, WXIA Atlanta

You don't go from closing 47% of your jobs to 85% of your jobs on your own. That has a lot to say about all the folks at Lushin being really good at what they do.

David Dickenson, Sales Outfitter, Chimney and Masonry Outfitters

When you build a sales team like we did from the ground up, having a framework to initially build around saves you a lot of time.

Adam Weber, Founder and VP of Sales, Emplify