Paul Lushin

Let Vision Guide You When Setting Sales Goals & Life Goals

You Need A Vision

Whether you’re working with setting personal goals or professional goals, you need vision in order to make things happen. In this video, our sales trainer Paul Lushin discusses why having a clear vision and goal setting go hand-in-hand. He then shares four steps for setting and accomplishing clear, concrete goals.

Setting sales goals and telling others about your goals will make you accountable and push you forward to meet them.

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Using Employee Motivation to Coach Successful Sales Teams [VIDEO]

Your sales team are all motivated by different things. As a manager, finding out what motivates each person to meet their goals and making sure they stay on track is essential. Shad explains how to successfully coach your team to meet your company’s goals in this video.

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Sales training is more than just sales training. Learn why strategy, structure, staff, and skills are important to creating a comprehensive sales development program.

Lushin Sales Process Consultant Explains Identity vs. Role

Lushin sales process consultant Emily Shaw explains the difference between a salesperson’s identity and role. Learn more about why and how salespeople often struggle to know and manage the distinction.

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