Where Should The Company Focus Be?

Your company has goals, and those goals are critical.

Your revenue goal is critical to hit, so you dole out the revenue by dividing it among the sales team. They have a quota and they must hit it. Seems easy.

The problem is nobody gets up in the morning to meet the company sales goal. They get out of bed for their reasons, not your reasons.

Goal alignment is about aligning their personal goals and what matters to them with the corporate goals that are important to you.

But do you know what is important to them? Do you know how they are spending their paychecks? Do you know what their personal goals are?

If you don’t, how can you possibly leverage those goals when helping them hit their quotas?

Sales management is about forming relationships with your people so you know how to unlock their potential. Start forming and leveraging those relationships today.

Brian Kavicky

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