How Clear Messaging Can Bolster Profound Motivation

“Enough is enough!”

“Where there is clarity there is energy!”

Those two phrases have a powerful impact on business and society - especially where they are both present. Social movements start with “enough is enough” but they succeed or fail based on the clarity of their leaders’ message. Take for example the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. It was a human rights movement whose goal was to end legalized racial segregation and discrimination laws in the US. Specifically, African Americans finally said “enough is enough” to the legalized oppression they experienced daily. Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. and the clarity of his message of nonviolent civil disobedience, the civil rights movement had energy. Energy to the degree that Congress eventually passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, forever abolishing legalized segregation.

Now let’s take a look at Occupy Wall Street. This was a protest movement citing social and economic inequalities brought on by greed, corruption, and perceived zealous corporate influence on government. Protestors who claimed to be the 99%, asserting that this country’s wealth was being held by 1% of the population, said “enough is enough!” Initially OWS grew legs and became the centerpiece of many news outlets. As time passed, many followers lost interest due to the lack of clear goals and objectives— and soon thereafter, the movement fizzled. OWS’s short life span was due in large part to the missing second element of a movement, “where there is clarity there is energy!”

Today we have an emerging movement that has yet to be named. It is a movement that is made up of high school students that have said “enough is enough” to mass shootings at schools. Currently, you cannot deny that their movement has traction because there is clarity in their message. Their movement is noble regardless if you agree or disagree because it’s their movement! I challenge each reader to continue to follow this story and see if, “where there is clarity there is energy” keeps this movement on its current trajectory.

Relevant to our own businesses or households, how are we with our clarity to others when we experience our own, “enough is enough”? Recently my son’s grade dropped below our the expectations we have for him. Last year he was an honors student but this year his grades slipped due to poor study habits and too much video gaming. My wife and I said, “enough is enough”! During his second trimester, it became obvious his study habits were less disciplined than before. We made mention of his slipping grades and disorganized homework routine, but they were passing comments. The problem with that? Ultimately, he has to own the issue, but as parents it is our duty and obligation to keep a strong, consistent message of our expectations. Guess what? We were not consistent in the clarity of our message regarding the expectation of grades. "No clarity, no energy" - our fault!

Can the same thing happen in business? Absolutely! I was at a recent business meeting where the president of the company would say, “We are taking the ‘green flag’ but not taking the ‘checkered flag’ on all of our initiatives!” Let me decode what he was saying, “enough is enough!” What do you think was happening between the “green flag” and the “checkered flag”? By now the answer should be clear—he was not clear in his corporate messaging. “No clarity no energy!”

How clear are you with your clients, prospects, family, colleagues, and employees? Are you clear in your expectations when dealing with them? How many “enough is enough” moments are you not leveraging by backing it up with a clear message? “Enough is enough” moments are not to be squandered but, instead, many times we remain silent or throw a tirade. Like a business, a household needs clarity in what it stands for as well as who they are. At the Lushin household we stand for, among other things, doing God’s work by making a difference, contributing your share in keeping up the household, living with integrity, and so on. In business, we stand by our mission statement: “We provide world class consulting, coaching, and training to organizations and individuals so they may achieve their fullest potential and become the best version of themselves.” At Lushin, we may not speak the words on a daily basis, but our actions are clear and leaves no doubt that we are a purpose-oriented company dedicated to our client’s growth with a full tank of energy. Do your clients, prospects, family, colleagues, and employees feel your energy because your message is clear? If your answer is maybe or no, I challenge you to find the “enough is enough” moments in your life and then create your own movement that spurs on change that is purposeful to the collective. In the end, you will make a difference and have an everlasting sense of accomplishment.

Paul Lushin

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