Aaron Prickel

Unlocking Hidden Potential with Strategic Account Management

Focusing on the Right Accounts and the Right Strategy

For many sales and account management teams, the strategy regarding existing clients is to “check in” and make sure everything is “OK." While this strategy may get you meetings with your clients, it does not add value to the client, and it does not increase your sales. A better approach, shared by sales consultant Aaron Prickel in this video, is to evaluate each existing client to make sure your team is calling on the accounts they need to. Your primary focus should be on managing the relationship with your high growth accounts and the accounts your organizations needs to keep, retain, or grow. The next step is to create an individualized strategy for each account that meets your objective for that account, using the same tactics and strategies that you would for a prospect in your sales pipeline.

Want to learn more about Aaron Prickel and his work with sales and account management teams? Check out his bio and his other blog and video posts. 

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