Top Three Challenges When Hiring New Salespeople [VIDEO]


Common Difficulties When Recruiting Sales Candidates

Hiring is competitive, especially in a market with low unemployment, and this includes companies looking to hire new salespeople. When working with clients, we typically see three things that impact their recruiting efforts. Learn what they are in this video.

1. no good way of assessing salespeople's skillsets

Hiring managers often struggle to determine if a person has the necessary skill sets, behaviors, and knowledge to be effective at selling in their environment from just an interview. They also have a hard time determining if a salesperson is motivated to sell.

2. no objective system to evaluate candidates

Candidates interviewing for jobs may be very good at telling you what you want to hear, especially for sales jobs. Hiring managers may not have a good way of sorting through if what the candidate says is true, and if they actually have the necessary experience that will make them a good fit for the position.

3. Poor onboarding process for new hires

Sometimes hiring managers find a great candidate that is a good fit for the organization but they fail to set them up for success. People want to be led, have their talent developed, and see professional growth. Establishing an onboarding process to transition a new salesperson into selling in your specific environment sets them up to be a sales leader in your organization.

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Our consultants work with businesses every day to overcome these challenges and make successful hires. Connect with one of our experienced sales coaches today to get the conversation started!

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For 25 years, Lushin has guided business leaders toward intentional, predictable growth.