How Organizational Excellence Can Help Achieve Your Professional Goals

As the leader of your organization, you may be wearing many different hats on any given day to help move the company forward. You may be working on strategy, while leading sales and marketing, and at the same time addressing people and human resources issues on the same day.


With all that you have on your plate, do you have a framework for aligning your people and organization to execute your company’s vision and mission on a daily basis?


This is what we call Organizational Excellence (I’ll refer to it as OE going forward). OE provides a platform for ensuring that you have the right vision for you and your organization, the right mission, the right strategy, the right structure, the right people/staff, and the right skill sets in place to execute the vision and mission of the business each day. It creates the system, processes, and tools for tangibly implementing these items in your organization.


There are various reasons why this is helpful to an organization. Most organizations take off and grow fast at the start and never properly structure their business for growth and to go in the direction they intend for it to go. They try to fix these items after they have grown and run into problems creating these items or changing them mid-stream.


If the organization does not have a clear vision and mission, they find that their people come up with their own definition for these items and head in different directions instead of being aligned and heading toward the same goals. They find that the leaders and their people do not see eye to eye on the direction of the organization and lose touch with one another on the best direction for the business to proceed.


If the right structure and process pieces are not in place, it becomes challenging for the organization to replicate their work and service on a consistent basis. As people leave the organization, the knowledge of customer details, how processes and tools work and are applied in serving customers goes with them and it becomes hard to provide consistent service. This leads to customer problems, complaints, and churn on a regular basis putting the leaders in constant fire-fighting mode.


If the organization has not planned for future growth and the positions and people that are needed, it will tend to recruit new people out of desperation instead of from a place of clarity to be able to find the best person for the position to take the organization to the next level. This can lead to higher levels of turnover in the staff or too much responsibility and requirements being placed on key people leading to frustration and burn-out.


OE will help to create the right strategy and structure and skills with the right staff to grow predictably to hit your goals.


Is your current system of planning and growing your business going deep enough?


Is it starting by understanding where you’re at currently, what are the real gaps and blind spots for you and your company?


Does it help you to develop a mission, vision, and goals that are translated into specific action plans to implement to help you reach the next level?


With OE, you don’t just jump in and start setting goals and putting plans and tools in place. You “slow down to go faster”. This means that you start with a personal and business “blind-spot” gap assessment to figure out what are the gaps and issues that you need to work on for you and your business. It also does a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to determine where your organization is positioned in its marketplace and what potential bumps in the road ahead to prepare for. From there, that’s when the defining of your organization’s mission, vision, and setting of goals short-term and long-term begins to happen.


Even after that, you have to ensure that you have the right structure and people in place (now and in the future as your company grows) to be able to execute your company’s mission, vision, and long-term goals. You need to have a plan to have the right pieces and people in place to support you each step along the way.


You also need to have a strong plan in place to ensure as a leader that you understand the personal motivations and passions of your people and align their company goals to meet these. People work hardest for the pool in their backyard, not the one in yours. You can’t create motivation in your people (either they have it or they don’t), but you can uncover it and keep it burning strong in challenging times to keep your people moving forward to their goals.


Finally, OE helps you to take all of these items that you have planned and translate them into daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly actions to reach your goals.


Is your current growth plan for your company helping you through this? Is it recognizing and planning for your company’s specific challenges? Is it creating a plan specific to you, your people, and your organization? Or is it a general plan and system that you’re trying to make fit for your specific situation?


At Lushin, we help to define, clarify, align, develop the vision, mission, goals, strategies, tactics, and tools to implement these items in your future now and ongoing. We help you with how to work these items into conversations with your people and into day-to-day operations to ensure that the right direction and tools are in place for the organization to continue to grow in the right direction to hit your goals.


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