Understanding The Pain Funnel: Getting To A Prospect’s Pain


Using the Sandler Pain Funnel to Uncover Prospects' True Pain

Before helping your clients, you need to uncover their true problem. In this video, our sales trainer Shad Tidler shares how you can get to the root of a prospect’s sales pain utilizing the Sandler Pain Funnel. He breaks down the sales pain funnel, shares tips on identifying a disqualified prospect, and discusses how understanding sales pain is the key to helping your clients.

Tips for Using the Sandler Pain Funnel to Expose a Sales Prospects' Pain

If you can't get down to the emotion or true pain that a prospect is feeling, you could be dealing with a disqualified prospect, which means ultimately making the sale could be challenging if not impossible. Here are our tips for using the Sandler Pain Funnel to delve deeper so you can connect with the prospect and provide the help they need.

Start Broad

Start at a high level, at the open top of the pain funnel. Stay general with your questions as you begin working your way down to the small piece of pain at the bottom that is the crux of the situation.

Ask questions like:

  • What is the problem or pain you are experiencing?
  • How long has the problem been happening?
  • When has it been occurring?
  • What steps have you taken to try to fix it?

It may take time to get to the emotional truth of why a prospect wants your help - and that's okay. Using the Sandler Pain Funnel can help you to differentiate yourself from other salespeople who are not willing to work with a prospect to discover their pain.

Delve a Bit Deeper

Once you understand the basic problem, explore a bit further into the issue.

  • Why is this a problem for you?
  • How is this problem impacting you, your business or you personally?
  • How are you truly feeling about the issue you are struggling with?

Find Out How You Can HelpAlleviate The Pain

Lastly, let your prospect help you understand how your product or service can be of help to them based on the challenges they are facing. Don't be afraid to ask them to explain how they envision you helping them so you can cater your offerings to meet their specific needs.

Wondering If You Could Be Using the Sandler Pain Funnel More Effectively To Connect With Potential Customers?

When used correctly, the Sandler Pain Funnel can be a valuable tool for understanding the pain of potential customers when it comes to sales prospecting.

Want to learn more about achieving sales success with the Sandler Pain Funnel? Check out our blog about using the Sandler Pain Funnel to positively impact sales outcomes.

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