Paul Lushin | Tue, Oct 24, 2017

Leadership Skills & The Importance of Self-Interest

Contrary to what Gordon Gekko says in Wall Street, greed is not good. But what about serving your own self-interests? In this video, Paul Lushin makes the case that it is good to be selfless and that it is ruthless to be greedy, but that serving your own self-interests is vital to the preservation of the things you value most.

How Not To Be A Salesperson [Video] | Sales Coaching From Lushin, Inc.

In this sales coaching video from Lushin sales consultant Emily Shaw, learn how to set yourself apart from other sales people by placing your focus on your client & striving to meet their needs during the sales process. Watch now!

Overcoming Sales Objections & Combating Disbelief [Sales Training Video]

Get expert tips for how to handle sales objections. Learn what to do & how to successfully move forward with a pitch even if a prospect's beliefs don't align with yours.

Prospecting Techniques: What To Do When a Client Asks to “Think It Over”

Learn sales trainer Aaron Prickel's prospecting techniques to help a potential client take the next step towards a purchase after they've said "Let me think it over."

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