Emily Shaw | Thu, Dec 13, 2018

Designing an Impactful Sales Development Program

A Holistic Approach to Sales Training

Most people think they want “sales training” for their team. But, for new and established businesses alike, there are four things that are necessary to create a successful sales development program. Learn more about them in this video. 


Defining the goals of leadership in a concrete and measurable way is the start of the process.


Building structure around a documented sales process that is tailored for your company to achieve your specific goals is the second step of the process.


Understanding what motivates each member of your team and their individual work style is essential to creating an effective sales training program. 


All of the information gathered from the first three steps are used to design a training program that is meaningful and impactful specifically to your sales team and your organization.

Want to learn more about aligning strategy, structure, staff, and skills? Check out this blog post.

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Designing an Impactful Sales Development Program

Sales training is more than just sales training. Learn why strategy, structure, staff, and skills are important to creating a comprehensive sales development program.

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