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Should I Become a Sales Mentor?

Sales Mentoring is a Choice, Not a Responsibility

When I say the word "mentor," what comes to mind?

What words describe a great mentor in your book?

If you think back to great mentors you had in your life – could be a sports coach in high school, perhaps a manager early in your career who guided you, or an older relative that imparted sound life wisdom and advice – what defined them as a great mentor for you?

What makes a great sales mentor? 

Some of the things I typically hear from people when I ask them what defines a great sales mentor are:

  • They’re experienced – they’ve been there and done it before.
  • They listen.
  • They’re looking out for my best interest, not their own.
  • They give open and honest feedback – they don’t sugar coat things when giving me direct and tough feedback.
  • They push me to go beyond my current boundaries and be my best.
  • They don’t give me all the answers – they ask good, tough questions to get me to figure it out for myself.
  • They hold me accountable to achieve what we agree to.

When it comes to mentoring and leading your people, are you displaying and modeling these actions and behaviors?

Or, are you telling yourself that you’re doing these things, but your actions and behaviors show that you aren’t.

Choosing to be a sales mentor

A great sales mentor knows that you can’t be a hypocrite and mentor or lead people – you have to talk the talk and walk the walk. You must lead by example in order to earn respect as a mentor for your people. Mentoring and leadership are choices you must make at every moment of every day. They’re not just a responsibility or assumed with a position.

What are you doing to truly reflect great mentoring and leadership of your people each day? What do you need to change in your daily actions, behaviors, and beliefs to truly reflect great mentorship and leadership?   

Why haven’t you done these things yet? What are you waiting for?

Your people are waiting on these things from you – don’t let them down.

Want to learn more about effective management techniques? Check out these resources. Do you prefer watching versus reading? These videos related to managing may be right up your alley. 

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