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Using Employee Motivation to Coach Successful Sales Teams [VIDEO]

The members of your sales team are not all motivated by the same things - nor are they motivated by the same things you are. Talking with your salespeople about what truly motivates them to exceed their goals - and how that aligns with the company’s goals - is an essential element to your coaching program. Learn why in this video. 

1. Discover THE Actual Motivation

You have to ask your sales team (one-by-one) what truly motivates them in order to get them to grow and exceed their goals. You may need to go further - if they say money, ask what they are doing with the money. Find out what the true motivator is for them.     

2. Discuss Sales goal Progress in Management Meetings

Putting in the time to meet with your salespeople to monitor their progress toward their goals is the next step. Review if they have hit their goals or if they have veered off track, and why. Help them understand how to stay on track and reiterate how exceeding their goals will benefit the company and them personally. 
We have talked with countless salespeople - and their managers - about setting and exceeding goals. Connect with one of our experienced sales coaches today to find out how we can help your team find their true motivation. 

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Using Employee Motivation to Coach Successful Sales Teams [VIDEO]

Your sales team are all motivated by different things. As a manager, finding out what motivates each person to meet their goals and making sure they stay on track is essential. Shad explains how to successfully coach your team to meet your company’s goals in this video.

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