Is Your Organizational Chart Holding Your Business Back?

Pretend for a moment it is the year 2025 and you have newfound clarity and conviction around your business. 
Your vision is clearer than ever, the mission for your organization is well defined and now it is time to deliver and truly strive for organizational excellence.  
What could possibly get in the way of achieving the excellence you have set out for in your business?


Could it be . . .
  • How you are structured today is going to get in the way of where you want to be? 
  • Major priorities are not clear across all functions of your business, decreasing the ability to execute?
  • You may be emotionally influenced by the people in the current positions, causing the common trap of creating a position based upon someone’s skills versus creating the ideal position and identifying if the skills truly match?
  • The organizational structure does not allow YOU to focus on your key priorities?
  • There is no clear avenue of accountability for everyone in the organization?
High performing organizations are built from the “ground up,” meaning as the business evolves and changes with the market, the structure is shifting to constantly support it. 


Without a clear understanding of WHAT structure is needed to properly support the organization, it is difficult to truly know WHO is needed to best execute. Once the organizational structure is properly developed, it is vital to ensure you have created detailed, clear, and motivating role descriptions that support your plan and priorities. If not, how do we create a culture of accountability?
If you are indeed striving for organizational excellence within your company, ask yourself the questions above. The answers may surprise you. What may also surprise you is how much clarity and momentum is achieved once the foundation is established. 
Are you prepared for future momentum? If not, learn more about our Organizational Excellence program and how it can move your business to the next level. 
Aaron Prickel

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