Sales Coaching Tips: Techniques to Improve Your Sales Team [Video]


How to Be a More Successful Sales Coach

Sales coaching can be challenging! When working with clients, we find managers regularly struggle with the coaching aspect of managing their sales team. In this video, we review three common steps managers can take to be more effective sales coaches.

1. See in People What They Do Not See In Themselves

Managers often make the mistake of coaching their salespeople by telling them what the problems are and what the fixes are. A manager’s real role in coaching is to see in their people what they do not see in themselves, and then foster the strengths that will help their salespeople become more successful. Rather than tell a salesperson what to do, awaken the strengths they already have.

2. Have an Infrastructure That Tells You What To Coach To

Having a well-established, functional sales process in place can help you greatly when it comes to sales coaching effectively. You'll be able to gauge progress and provide feedback without making your salespeople feel like they are being micromanaged.

3. Stop Telling Your Salespeople What To Do

Instead of providing sales coaching by telling your salespeople what you would do in a situation, ask them what they think they should do and why. This will help people to realize on their own what they could improve in their sales skills and methods.

Learn More About Effective Sales Coaching

The video above from sales consultant Brian Kavicky provides great sales coaching tips for becoming a more effective sales coach.

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For 25 years, Lushin has guided business leaders toward intentional, predictable growth.