Stop Building Sales Walls

How many times have you or your team mentioned the phrase “I would recommend you do X or buy Y”? Is there anything fundamentally wrong with this phrase? The short answer is yes, especially if the proper context has not been built.

Too often the traditional sales rep mentions a phrase like “I recommend,” “I think you should,” or “this will be really helpful for your organization.” Each time you are incorrect (in the eyes of the prospective client), the wall between you and the prospective client grows making the sale even harder to win.

Most sales reps lack the awareness of how many walls they build throughout a selling conversation. They believe they are merely doing their job “providing a solution,” but in reality they are creating an atmosphere of distrust and the perception that you are just like every other sales rep just trying to make a sale.

There are many reasons walls are built. Sales reps make assumptions. Sales reps don’t listen to what prospective clients say because they're too worried about what they would like to say next. And the main reason why walls are built? Sales reps don’t ask the question first. It’s that simple. It seems like common sense but a vast majority of sales reps fall into this category.

Remember the golden rule: Recommendations build walls.

Stop making recommendations and help the prospective client flat out tell you exactly how you can help them or what they believe truly makes sense. The highly skilled sales professional will ask the question first before making any statement. If you ask the question first you will never be wrong. It takes discipline, setting your ego to the side and making it more about the prospective customer.

Think back to your past two months of selling. How many recommendations did you make where people didn’t agree? If it's more than one, it’s time to change.

Aaron Prickel

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