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How Not To Be A Salesperson [Video] | Sales Coaching From Lushin, Inc.


Sales Coaching on How to NOT be "Salesy"

In sales, we are always striving to set ourselves apart from other salespeople, especially those who embody all of the bad stereotypes often associated with “salespeople.”

In this video, sales trainer Emily Shaw provides sales coaching to help you understand how to not come across as a salesperson. She explains that you can accomplish this by placing your focus on your client or prospect throughout the sales process and having the goal of meeting their needs.

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How Not To Be A Salesperson [Video] | Sales Coaching From Lushin, Inc.

In this sales coaching video from Lushin sales consultant Emily Shaw, learn how to set yourself apart from other sales people by placing your focus on your client & striving to meet their needs during the sales process. Watch now!

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