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Becoming a Better Coach


As a manager, being a good coach is imperative to the success of the team. There are two things all managers should do in order to coach their teams effectively and efficiently. 

Coaching Needs to Be Consistent

When coaching is not consistent, managers tend to only request a coaching meeting with their employees when things are going wrong. This leaves employees feeling uncomfortable about any meeting with their manager. Consistent meetings with each employee, be that monthly or weekly, creates an opportunity to develop an open dialog with each employee, establishing trust and building a relationship. This foundation is essential for the instances when corrective action is necessary.

Creating a Sales Process Gives Structure to Coaching

When a company has clearly defined the sales process necessary to be successful, managers can use that as the structure for coaching meetings. Managers should discuss how their team is moving prospects through each stage of the sales process and identify where there is success and where there may need to be additional focus. By following a sales process and bringing structure to a coaching meeting, both managers and employees can more quickly pivot when an adjustment needs to be made.

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Becoming a Better Coach

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