Paws4PTSD is a program run by Hero Family Outreach (HFO), a non-profit organization that assists military personnel and first responders experiencing PTSD. The program's goal is to provide at least three dogs a year to those with service-related PTSD. The cost of training a service dog is quite expensive, therefore it's often cost-prohibitive for an individual to personally finance one.

That's where Paws4PTSD steps in. With its contribution to HFO, The Lushin Foundation was able to assist in funding a service dog for Teddy, a Veteran and former law enforcement officer.

Teddy meeting Cleo the dog

The long wait for his service dog culminated in a ceremony with family and friends that was held at the Lushin offices where Teddy and Cleo met for the first time.

Group photo holding check from Lushin to HFO

Hero Family Outreach

Learn more about Hero Family Outreach or find out more about the Lushin Foundation.

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