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Emily Shaw | Fri, Nov 9, 2018

Success in Sales is Achieved by Aligning People, Process, Strategy, and Skills

Sales is likely the only professional service that doesn’t require some type of study before beginning a career. Think about it: most, if not all, positions come with the pre-requisite of schooling. Your doctor didn’t wake up one day and declare, “I think I’ll try my hand at this medicine thing!”, and then show up for an interview the next day. Your lawyer doesn’t “wing it” on court cases or learn as she goes. What if your accountant just performed some on the job training by watching a previous accountant do math , but never had any schooling on it? It sounds ridiculous, but that is the commonplace “training” of salespeople. Furthermore, at least all the other professions have a common language they can refer to. How you manage your pipeline at your company could be completely different from another. What I term “qualify” you could take to mean a completely different thing. Yet, we throw a number at a salesperson we call it a goal and expect them to hit it; and when they don’t, it’s because they don’t have what it takes .

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