Timing is Everything

People like to have order. They like to be prepared or “ready.” People like it when things fall into place. One of the things that we have learned from clients is that they typically wait too long to engage us:

  • They want to hire a sales person first.
  • They want to figure out their strategy.
  • They want to get a sales plan together.
  • They wait for their business to transition to the next thing before doing "X."
  • They want it all to be perfect.

The problem is...

...by doing those things, they make everything worse.

  • They hire a salesperson that can’t sell or be trained to sell.
  • Their strategy is half baked, or they give up on the strategy because the early signs show it isn't effective.
  • Their business transitions to the next stage and they are behind the eight ball.

Instead of following best practices and doing things that work, they invent methods or use trial and error to figure it out themselves.

If you have a heart issue, you go to the ER. You don’t try to figure out how to do the surgery, or decide for yourself what surgery might be best before going to the doctor. You let the doctor tell you.

You also don’t take flying lessons before boarding a plane. You understand that there is a pilot on board who knows how to fly the plane better than you do.

If you know that your business is not growing like it should despite being the best out there, you should get help.

If you are not getting the margins you need to be profitable or to control your cash flow, you should get help.

Or, if most of the opportunities in the pipeline are stuck—or if there is no pipeline- you should get help.

Stop getting ready. Stop trying things. Find a sales expert. Learn what works best and do that.

Brian Kavicky

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