Decoding Sales Cycles and Complexity

One question we are often asked is, “I hear Lushin is better suited for a shorter/transactional sale, is that true?”

If this is indeed the case, what differences exist between an organization in a transactional one to two call close, versus an organization in a much longer, more complex “solution” sale? From a sales process perspective not many, but the subtle differences are key.

Sales Process Milestones

As you look at these, how many correlate?

  • Does a skilled rep need to understand how to best communicate with the potential customer? Yes.
  • Does a skilled rep need to set solid expectations in terms of outcomes and what to discuss? Yes.
  • Does a skilled rep need to understand compelling reasons to do business with them? Yes.
  • Does a skilled rep need to have a high level money conversation before investing precious time putting together a quote or proposal? Yes.
  • Does a skilled rep need to understand decision process and criteria? Yes.
  • Does a skilled rep need to ensure they are only presenting what is important? Yes.
  • Does a skilled rep need to discuss with the client any future challenges that could occur? Yes.

At first blush, the big picture milestones are not different, so what are the differences?

  1. In a more complex sale, there are various “smaller” decisions before reaching the ultimate decision.
  2. Sales reps have to be very good at navigating the title paths and working up and down the ladder when needed, since most of the longer sales cycles deal with larger organizations.
  3. Sales reps need to be very clear on expectations, and need to be highly skilled at progressing the sale forward and avoiding a stall out.
  4. Understanding group or committee decisions along with the corporate way of doing business.
  5. The timing and understanding of when to bring in additional internal resources to demonstrate depth and breadth and/or technical expertise.

Whether you are in a one call/30 minute conversation type business, or a 15 meetings/12 months sales cycle, focus on the basics and the behaviors necessary to be successful. That will get you 90% of the way there.

Aaron Prickel

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