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Using the Sandler Pain Funnel to Understand Prospect Pain

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Using the Sandler Pain Funnel to Understand Whether You Have Enough Pain from a Prospect to Make a Sale

It is not enough to know that your prospect has a problem. In this video, sales trainer Shad Tidler answers the question “how do you know if you have enough pain from a prospect?” and discusses the importance of using the Sandler Pain Funnel to understand the problem the prospect is trying to solve, its impact, the emotion it evokes, and the level of commitment to fixing the issue. 

Exploring Sales Opportunities With the Sandler Pain Funnel

As sales trainers, we are asked quite frequently about how to know whether or not it makes sense to continue pursuing a prospect. Using the Sandler Pain Funnel can be a valuable way to determine a few key elements about a prospect that can indicate whether or not they may ultimately become a customer, including: 

  • What is the problem?
  • Why is it a problem for the prospect?
  • How is the issue impacting the prospect?
  • Is resolving the problem a priority?
  • How are they really feeling about the issue?
  • Is the problem one that the prospect is really committed to fixing?

If all of these questions are answered in a way that indicates that a prospect is actively searching for a way that you or someone else can help them resolve the issue, then it's likely that you have enough pain to continue the sales process.

Learn More About the Sandler Pain Funnel

The Sandler Pain Funnel is a valuable tool when it comes to sales prospecting. Utilizing it can help you set yourself from other salespeople in your industry while helping you to achieve increased sales prospecting success.

Interested in additional insight about assessing a prospect's pain? Learn more about the sales pain funnel here. 

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Using the Sandler Pain Funnel to Understand Prospect Pain

The Sandler Pain Funnel delves into a prospect’s pain to truly understand the problem. This can help you develop a solution that will make an impact, & ultimately help make a sale. Learn more about the Sandler Pain Funnel!

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