Shad Tidler

Disqualifying Sales Prospects

In this video, our sales trainer Shad Tidler discusses disqualifying sales prospects and how to make the process faster and more efficient.

Sales Training Tips: Questioning Prospects to Qualify Them

Learn how to use questioning strategies when you hear a simple “yes” response in order to more quickly qualify prospects and speed up your sales cycle. Watch now as sales trainer Paul Lushin shows you how in this video.

Sales Closing: The Goal Is A Decision - Not A Yes [Video]

This Lushin sales closing video with consultant Aaron Prickel explains why getting a prospect to make a decision at the end of a call, instead of an early yes, should be the ultimate goal.

Using the Sandler Pain Funnel to Understand Prospect Pain

The Sandler Pain Funnel delves into a prospect’s pain to truly understand the problem. This can help you develop a solution that will make an impact, & ultimately help make a sale. Learn more about the Sandler Pain Funnel!

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