Do You Have a Big Presentation Coming Up?

Do you have a big presentation coming up and you're used to going through the motions of the same old “capabilities deck?” Or, you've been asked to “just show us what you can do.”

How do we make sure this isn’t a complete waste of time?  The ideal scenario would be to make sure you have a conversation with the person who's making the decision, or at the very least, somebody who knows what's going on.

Your goal of that conversation is to find out the following:


What problem(s) are you trying to solve? (Why are we meeting?)
  1. Understand why it matters to them. 
  2. And what's the impact if they don't solve this problem?

Otherwise, even though they tell you that they just want to “see what you can do,” they are far more likely to ghost you after the presentation if it’s not something that matters to them with real urgency behind it.

So find out what problem we're trying to solve and tie everything in the presentation back to that as much as possible. 

Dan Faber

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