Hiring Tip: SEARCH for the Right People for Your Business

One of the most critical pieces to achieving a level of organizational excellence once the proper structure has been developed, one that is built around next level positions that fulfill the true mission and vision of company, is ensuring the positions are clearly defined.  
What happens if positions aren’t clear and you put the “right” person in the “wrong” position?
How do you build a success model to ensure positions are clear and allow for proper identification of the “right” person and ensure expectations are clear for accountability?


Using the SEARCH methodology, you can ensure the right people end up in the right positions. 
What are the abilities required by the position?
What knowledge is required by the position?
What is the state of mind and confidence level required for the position?
What accomplishments were met to verify ability to execute?
Cognitive Skills
What ability to learn or process information is required by the position?
What behaviors and actions are desired in the company culture?


As we know, unclear job and role descriptions create unclear expectations.
And unclear job and role descriptions create confusion when it comes to accountability.
Frustration occurs when there is a mismanagement of expectations, and too often employees who leave a company will often say “I thought the position was going to be different.” Could that have anything to do with the lack of clarity around the role and defined success criteria and metrics upfront?
How clear have you been SEARCH-ing for the right people to fill key roles? It’s easy to miss something you aren’t looking for.  
What have you been missing? Connect with a Lushin consultant to find out.
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